Austrian Infantry and Grenadiers: 1788-1816 , David Hollins

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Austrian Infantry and Grenadiers: 1788-1816 , David Hollins

The Austrian Army of the Napoleonic war has long been neglected in books. The Austrians were for much of this period the main enemies of Napoleon and fought more battles against him than any other European Army. This 64-page book fills that void with great detail on every aspect of the Austrian infantry, it is filled with black and white and colour plates, organisational diagram and illustrations of equipment. The colour plates in the centre of the book are up to the usual high osprey standard and cover uniform and training and battlefield formations, which help visualise the units in combat. It is a fascinated read and well written and does not become a dry recounting of regulation or uniform changes which the early ospreys often were.


The book has no clear index in the front but covers the following
Garrison Life
Campaign Life

Author: David Hollins
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 64
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 1998